SEO Marketing Strategies

If you do your search engine optimisation right, it could lead to you seeing a significant amount of revenue flowing back to your business. However, it is important to remember that SEO marketing is an ongoing initiative. Once you have achieved a steady traffic stream from SEO, the next thing you need to do is ensure that you are continually improving and maintaining it to make sure that you maintain the rankings you’ve worked so hard for.

SEO Marketing

Find an influencer who’s an expert in SEO Marketing Strategies

An influencer is anyone who people follow/listen to online. When it comes to SEO, having such a person in your corner will translate to more people linking to your website, trusting your content and sharing your blog posts. If possible, find an influencer who’s an expert on a particular subject matter to head your website’s content creation. This person could be anybody – you, someone you align with, or someone who works for you.

Come up with a strategy to market your content

SEO MarketingEvery website needs a content strategy that is focused around the owner’s top keywords. Creating content for your website, and that includes blog posts, research reports, webinars, whitepapers, and videos, gives your audience something that they can link to. At the same time, the same content, if created right, will rank itself in search engines. For instance, if you create a blog post on “How To Choose An SEO Services Provider,” chances are it will rank for some keywords used in the title and body, especially if people share the post a lot on social media or if it’s linked to from other sites. It also helps if your site already has a substantial number of high-quality links.

This will lead to high domain authority, which means a better ranking for all your content. At the same time, creating content regularly shows Google, and other search engines, that your site is active and alive. Putting up content frequently will do you good and will result in better and higher rankings for your site.

Create powerful backlinks to your pages and site

Having a content marketing strategy and influencer will make it easier to develop backlinks for your website. However, it’s also important that you actively look for ways to get people to link back to you. Some of the best options include writing for a large publication, recommending your content to people that matter, and doing industry interviews. Alternatively, you could hire a PR or SEO marketing company with a strong digital public relations division to help you.

Furthermore, you could also use SEO marketing tools like Majestic SEO to find out who’s linking to your competition. Once you have identified those links that link to your competitor’s site, take the time to analyse them (how did they get them?) and work on creating and implementing a similar strategy for your site. Let’s say they donated to a charity causing it to link to their website – you could also do the same.